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Soccer Transplant Team Ireland

Soccer Transplant Team Ireland aims to provide all recipients who have received an organ transplant, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant, the opportunity to play transplant football for Ireland Internationally and show the power of organ donation and the positive impact it can have on the receipitants life.

So if you have received a life-saving donation, your journey starts here to meet like-minded people and get mentally and physically fitter. We welcome everyone to come try out for the team, all levels of skill, ability and fitness are welcome……. The most important thing is you have fun and show what an amazing impact organ donation has on peoples lives.

Soccer Transplant Team Ireland

Would you like to get involved?

Are you a transplant recipient or do you know someone who is? We would love for you or your friend to get involved and help us show the amazing benefits of organ donation. 

Get out and meet like-minded people, keep fit and more importantly have fun whilst playing the world’s most beloved sport.

People of all ages and sexes are welcome, the only rule is you have to be receiving treatment for an organ disease or have received a transplant.

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